Thompson Management, LLC


Thompson Management will be holding an online auction for hunting rights on the property we manage. Each available property will be listed as individual auctions; allowing you to bid on the hunting rights.This will operate very similar to an eBay auction, but will not be available to the general public. Thompson is only allowing approved users to bid via private invitation.

This will be a standard auction with a set closing date. For each tract of land, you’ll see:

  • description/title of the land with types of hunting allowed
  • Tax map of the land
  • The opening bid
  • The highest bid

Note that we’ll require bidders to register a user name and password to bid. Please use the name of your hunting club (one word, no spaces) as your username, so we know how to contact if you win.

Current leaseholders on each parcel will still be given the first right of refusal and an opportunity to match the winning bid in order to retain the lands which they have been hunting in the past. (In order to be given this opportunity, the current leaseholder must participate in the initial bidding).

Also note that property owners or management have the right to close any of the property auctions at any time and winning bids will be determined by the owners at their sole discretion.

*All properties that will be listed are subject to errors, omissions, prior sales, and / or withdrawal without notice.

Most Hunting Leases will now come with Firewood!!

Some of our hunting properties are currently in forest management plans. For those properties where forest management (wood cutting) is done, you will be required to enter into a separate contract for the purchase of firewood. There will be no additional expense to you or your club; your normal hunting Rent will be reduced by the amount due under the firewood contract. The Contract will require the firewood to be removed by the hunter or hunting club before the end of the year. You will each be notified if the property you are awarded will be required to participate in the firewood program. This firewood program will help us maintain farmland assessment and will help to keep our properties undeveloped and available for hunting.