Thompson Management, LLC

Hunting Leases

We manage the hunting rights for dozens of open land owners throughout New Jersey. Thompson Management issues a bid system to hunting clubs and groups who are interested in securing rights to hunting a specific land in season.

If you have an interest in leasing a particular parcel for the current Hunting season, please visit our auction page.

Each parcel will be awarded to the winning bidder. In the interest of fairness, current
leaseholders on each parcel will be given the first right of refusal and an opportunity to match the winning bid in order to retain the lands which they have been hunting in the past. (In order to be given this opportunity, the current leaseholder must participate in the initial bidding).

Bidding Procedure

  • Register on our auction page.
  • You are permitted to bid on more than one property, however leases must be accepted on all properties which you have a winning bid.
  • Enter your bid amount in the “Bid” column next to the property(s) you wish to rent.
  • Check the “Forestry” box if your club wishes to include forest maintenance in addition to your monetary bid.* (See explanation at bottom of this sheet).
  • All bid forms MUST be signed in the appropriate box.
  • Make sure all bids are in no later than 5PM on July 19.
  • Due to subjective variables such as the number of club members, and the availability of Forestry maintenance work, winning bids shall be determined by the Management of Thompson Management, LLC, at their sole discretion.
  • Winning bidders will be given until August 31 to return the hunting lease and payment to Thompson Management, LLC.
Hunting Leases


Certain properties managed by Thompson Management, LLC require the maintenance of a Forestry Management Plan as designed by a state certified Forester. The forest maintenance consists mainly of cutting of firewood, (such firewood can be made available to the club to keep), as well as other similar tasks. These activities will be specified on a property by property basis by the owner’s Forester.